1. Why should I buy my metals and plastics from potomacsteel.com
Here’s what our customers tell us they love about buying from us:
No minimum orders.
Fast, easy and convenient.
In many cases it is less expensive to buy exactly what you need, rather than buying extra to satisfy a minimum order requirement.
We follow three basic rules in dealing with our customers:
1. Be Transparent – we need to build trust and the best way we can do that is by being as transparent as we can be.
2. If You Say It, Do It – we do not over promise and if we say we will do something for you, we will ensure that we do it.
3. Tell Bad News Fast – things go wrong and sometimes circumstances are uncontrollable; we make sure that you know what is going on exactly.

2. How long after I place my orders will they be shipped?
Any stock item ships 2-3 days if the order is submitted by noon. For questions on expediting orders please call (703)550-7300.

3. How long will delivery take?
Depending on the delivery option chosen and the shipping company used (USPS, Fedex, etc.) we will be able to provide you with the potential time of delivery and date of arrival. If you do not get your order by then, please do not hesitate to contact customer service (703)550-7300.

4. What’s the biggest piece of material you can ship?
We obviously cut the metals to the specifications provided. Please do not hesitate to call and ask if you have outstanding questions. We will be able to tell you if we can or cannot cut a certain material or if we cannot ship to the specification you ask for.

5. Does potomacsteel.com accept cash on delivery (COD) orders?
Sorry, we do accept COD orders. We accept Credit Cards, Purchase Orders, and PayPal.

6. Returns and Placement, what is the procedure?

Item returns must be made in-store and will be subject to a maximum of 15% restocking fee if purchase was made in the past 30 days. However, purchases made with a custom order may not be returned.

7. Ordering Help!

Orders may be made on our website, however if help is needed or a large placement is to be made, feel free to call us at (703)550-7300, or send us an email at: info@potomacsteel.com